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Guidelines for Electronic Submission of Print Ads updated 09.25.15

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Guidelines for Submitting Display Ads

We want you to look your best! The information on this page will help you make an ad that fits on the page and is technically correct. Please take a few minutes to read through these directions or else ask your designer to read them before starting on your ad design. Ads that are not made to specification will be returned, and you will be asked to either provide new materials or allow us to create an ad for you.

Quick instructions:
  • Find your ad size below.
  • Make your document size the same as the dimensions in the "including bleed" column.
  • Set your margins to .5" left and right, .3" top, and .5" bottom. Those margins are your "safe zone."
  • Design your ad with important information inside the margins and with anything you want to bleed filling the whole dimensions.
  • Confused? View or download the Ad Diagram.
  • When you make your PDF don't use crop marks and don't downsample your images
  • Name your PDF with your gallery name
  • Did you leave room for the page number and map locator at the bottom?
  • Remember: proofread your ad before you submit it!

FAQ: If the printed issue trims to 4.125" x 9" why do you ask me make the trimmed ad fit 4.25" wide?
ANSWER: Since we don't know which page your ad will appear on and sometimes need to change position at the last minute, we need to make sure your ad will work on either left or right hand pages. Since the printer needs a full .25 bleed at the gutter, we need to make room for that extra .125 just in case.


Important: Every ad has a locator number at the bottom you must leave an clear area for this information to print (see below)*

Ad sizes, are as follows:
Type of ad

Including bleed
(w x h)
Your submitted file should be this size. This is your document size.

Keep words, logos, and critical visuals 1/6" (1 pica) from trimmed edge!
Full page 4.5" x 9.25" 4.25" x 9"
Half page 4.5" x 4.75" 4.25" x 4.5"
Third page 4.5" x 3.25" 4.25" x 3"
Third page with city banner 4.5" x 3.139" 4.25" x 2.9"
Quarter page with city banner 4.5" x 2.417" 4.25" x 2.167"
Fifth page with city banner 4.5" x 1.931" 4.25" x 1.687"


Plan your background to go beyond the edge of the trimmed page by 1/8" (9pt) space top and bottom, and 1/4" (1p6) left and right. See diagrams in the PDF file, link above.

Live Area:

So that crucial information does not get trimmed off during binding, we recommend that you keep your text, logos, and important visuals at least 1/6" (1 pica) from the top and sides. See "Space for Ad and Map Reference Number," below, for space at the bottom.

Space for Ad and Map Reference Number:

Each ad has a small ad reference number at the bottom of the ad. Make sure you leave 1/4" (1p6) space at the bottom and that no type or image other than your background fall there. See diagrams in the PDF file, link above.

Color Specifications:

ART GUIDE is printed using 4-color process. Specify all colors in your ad as CMYK process colors.

Rather than using 100% black to make a black background, use the formula 60% cyan, 40% magenta, 40% yellow, and 100% black for a denser black.

RGB TIFFs must be converted to CMYK before we print them, and we will do so, whether you do or not.

File Formats:

PDFs are preferred. Follow the Quick Instructions at the top of this page. Check to see that your images are the proper resolution. Then, use the "PrintOptimized" settings in Distiller to avoid having your images downsampled. Also be sure to include the fonts in your file when you print to Distiller. Finally please don't include crop mark when you print your file to Distiller. If you've followed the Quick Instructions, bleeds are not necessary.

InDesign CS5.5 for OSX is used to produce the ART GUIDE. InDesign files from the PC or the Mac are welcome. Please save as .idml and zip before sending. InDesign and Quark XPress templates are available.

Illustrator: Please convert type to paths before you send it. Also include any TIFFs or graphics placed in your ad.

QuarkXpress: Please make a PDF of your ad (see above).

Image Formats:

Images need to be 300 pixels per inch at their final size. You may send either CMYK or RGB images, but RGB images will be converted to CMYK during prepress. The CMYK color space does not perfectly match RBG colorspace. We accept images in the following formats: .TIF, .JPG (saved at the "highest quality" setting) and .EPS if your image has clipping paths.

Media Accepted:

CDs, DVDs. You can also e-mail your ad if your e-mail program supports attachments. Compress files before you send them (WinZip or StuffIt). Name your compressed file with your company name, please.

Where to Send Your Ad Materials:

Proofread your ad (check spelling, address, phone number, hours). Mail or e-mail your ad materials (ad layout, images, directory information, artists and gallery categories) to:

Brenda Tipton

Tipton Publishing Co.,
14419 Greenwood Avenue N.,
PMB 422,
Seattle, WA, 98133

206/367-6831 FAX 206/365-0476

Contact Valerie Brewster, Art Guide production with your technical questions.

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