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updated 12.12.12
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Artist Index

This alphabetical index helps you find your favorite artists at Northwest Washington galleries and museums. You can search this list using the "Find" function in your browser or jump to the alphabetical section using the table below.

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Aanes, Greg, at The Art Stop and LeRoy Jewelers

Ahvakana, Larry, at Stonington Gallery

Ainsworth, Diane, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Aleck, Ron, at Arctic Raven Gallery

Allen, Coleen, at Ann Hardee Gallery, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Allen, Dennis, at Arctic Raven Gallery

Ames, Judith, at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery

Amos, Patrick, at The Legacy Ltd.

Anderson, Anne, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Anderson, Guy , at Cassera Arts Premiers

Anderson, John, at Art House Designs

Anderson, Karin, at Blue Whole Gallery

Anderson, Quincy, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Anderson, Tom, at Art House Designs

Ann Hardee, at Ann Hardee Gallery

Araki, Shinko, at Azuma Gallery

Archer, Joan E., at Aria Studio Gallery

Armstrong, Lynne, at Blue Whole Gallery

Azechi, Umetaro, at Azuma Gallery


Bair, Gayle, at Bainbridge Island Studio Tour

Baker, Roberta & Kent, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Baner, Jo, at Ann Hardee Gallery

Baron, Cindy, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Barr, Charlie, at Gunnar Nordstrom

Bartow, Rick, at Stonington Gallery

Basa, Elienne, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Belov, Anne, at Art House Designs

Bergsma, Jody, at Knight Visions

Bert, Jeremy, at Museum of Glass

Bijou Graphique, at Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts

Birdsall, Byron, at Kirsten Gallery

Bison, Doug , at Blackfish Gallery

Bistranin, Mark, at La Conner Seaside Gallery

Blank, Martin, at Museum of Glass

Boerigter, Barbara, at Blue Whole Gallery

Boughman, Janet Richardson, at Art House Designs

Bowers, Joan, at Gallery North

Bowman, Eric, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Boxley, David, at The Legacy Ltd., at Steinbrueck Native Gallery

Boyer, Richard, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Branson, Ed, at Elements

Bray, William, at Ann Hardee Gallery

Brayer, Sarah, at Azuma Gallery

Brevick, Jana, at Facèré

Brockmann, Ruth, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Brody, David, at Prographica Gallery

Broghan, Jessica, at Ann Hardee Gallery

Brouwer, Martha, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Buffum, Wendy, at WM McCauley Gallery

Bui Cong Khanh, at Art XChange

Buress, Sephanie, at Earthenworks Gallery

Burg, Mara, at Earthenworks Gallery

Burnett, Elijah, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Burns, Marsha, at Prographica Gallery

Burton, Jane, at Frederick Holmes and Company

Butler, Todd, at Bainbridge Island Studio Tour

Byrne, Jenny, at William's Gallery


Cain, Leslie, at WaterWorks Gallery

Callahan, Kenneth, at Cassera Arts Premiers

Calleri, Fred, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Campbell, John, at Boatworks Gallery

Campbell, Julann, at Boatworks Gallery

Carson, Andrew, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Caudell, Gregg, at Art House Designs

Chambers, Scott, at Glasshouse Studio

Chaudiere, Diane, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Chihuly, Dale, at Museum of Glass

Christian, Jason, at Seattle Glassblowing Studio

Ciardi, George, at Fine Impressions Gallery

Clark, Kimberly, at Prographica Gallery

Cole, Donald, at Art XChange

Coleman, Sue, at Knight Visions

Colfax, Greg, at The Legacy Ltd., at Arctic Raven Gallery

Colyer, Ted, at Azuma Gallery

Conley, Mark, at La Conner Seaside Gallery

Conrow, Ginny, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Cook, Rande, at Steinbrueck Native Gallery, at Arctic Raven Gallery

Crawford, Dale, at Blackfish Gallery

Cupp, Brandon, at Seattle Glassblowing Studio

Currier, Alfred, at Howard/Mandville Gallery, at La Conner Seaside Gallery, at Simon Mace Gallery


Danish, Dmitri, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Dannerbeck, Kathy, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Darlingtron, Scott, at Seattle Glassblowing Studio

David & Ronnie Jewelry Design, at William's Gallery

David, Joe, at Stonington Gallery

Davidson, Robert, at The Legacy Ltd., at Stonington Gallery

Day, Jeff, at Brackenwood Gallery

de Borchgrave, Isabelle, at Bellevue Arts Museum

de Buitléar, Roísín, at Museum of Glass

Deady, Thomas, at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery

Deering, Anne-Lise, at Gallery North

Degas, Edgar, at Frederick Holmes and Company

Dement, Nichole, at WaterWorks Gallery

deVries, Ray, at Artwood

Dickter, Michael, at WaterWorks Gallery

Disenhouse, Cecile, at Gallery North

Dolese, Tom & Jennifer, at Artwood

Domenech, Josep, at Frederick Holmes and Company

Donaldson, Joyce, at Gallery North

Dunkel, Stuart, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Duzan, Barbara, at WaterWorks Gallery

Dwyer, Charles, at Art House Designs

Dyer, Annie, at Ornamental Arts Gallery


Eberhardt, Michael, at Art House Designs

Ebner, John, at Knight Visions, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Edmonds, Cora, at Art XChange

Eiden, Fred, at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery

Eisenhour, David, at Simon Mace Gallery

Elek, Jen, at Museum of Glass

Ellinger, Mark, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Ellsworth, Jaime, at WaterWorks Gallery, at Simon Mace Gallery

Engelstad, Susie, at Art House Designs

Erickson, Mark, at Frederick Holmes and Company

Erpelding, Curtis, at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery

Extasia Jewelry, at Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts


Fauchere, Claude, at Art House Designs

Faulkner, Kathleen, at Simon Mace Gallery

Ferguson, Michael, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Flaherty, Michael, at Artwood

Ford, Kristin, at Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts

Franchini, Mary, at Blue Whole Gallery

Franklin, David, at Stonington Gallery

Frederick, Rod, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Frey, Joan, at Parklane Gallery

Friend, Diana, at Kirsten Gallery


Gale, Ann, at Prographica Gallery

Gallahar, Brad, at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery

Gangler, Tod, at Nordic Heritage Museum

Garvens, Ellen, at Prographica Gallery

Gerber, Georgia, at Brackenwood Gallery, at WaterWorks Gallery, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Giese, Shanti, at Frederick Holmes and Company

Gilkey, Richard , at Cassera Arts Premiers

Girardi, Janice, at William's Gallery

Goff, Marguerite, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Goodman, Cliff, at Seattle Glassblowing Studio

Goodwin, Leah, at Aria Studio Gallery

Gorg, Jurgen, at Gunnar Nordstrom

Goyer & Bonneau, at The Art Stop and LeRoy Jewelers

Graham, Michael, at Boatworks Gallery

Graves, Morris , at Cassera Arts Premiers

Gray, David, at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery, at Artwood

Gray, Phil, at Steinbrueck Native Gallery

Grey, Loren, at Art House Designs

Guest, Ginni, at Gallery North

Gumaelius, Robin and John, at WaterWorks Gallery

Gumpert, Chuck, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection


Haavik, Jay, at Blackfish Gallery

Hackenberg, Karen, at Simon Mace Gallery

Hai and Thanh, at Art XChange

Hall, Brenda, at Gallery North

Hall, Steve, at Artwood

Hamanishi, Katsunori, at Azuma Gallery

Hamilton, Earl, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Hamje, Laura, at Prographica Gallery

Hamrick, Sam, at Fine Impressions Gallery

Hannigan, Melinda, at WaterWorks Gallery

Hannukaine, John, at Art House Designs

Hanowell, Elaine, at Art XChange

Hansen, Art, at WaterWorks Gallery

Hansen, James Lee, at Art House Designs

Hara, Yoko, at Azuma Gallery

Harper, Lizbeth, at Blue Whole Gallery

HarrieArt Glass, at Elements

Harrison, Jeff, at Gallery North

Harrison, Jurate, at Gallery North

Harvey, Babette, at William's Gallery

Hasegawa, Toshiko, at Parklane Gallery

Hasegawa, Yuichi, at Azuma Gallery

Haslett, Dave, at Blackfish Gallery

Hastings, Kathy, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Haugland, Delores, at Gallery North

Henderson, Johnathan, at The Legacy Ltd.

Herem, Barry, at Blackfish Gallery, at Stonington Gallery

Hill, Jerry, at Stonington Gallery

Hill, Lisa Joyce, at Art House Designs

Hiratsuka, Yuji, at Azuma Gallery

Hodges, Bonnie, at Knight Visions

Hoehne, Jo Anne, at Ann Hardee Gallery

Hoffmann, Tom, at WM McCauley Gallery

Hogan, John, at Seattle Glassblowing Studio

Holzer, Hank, at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery

Hood, Sarah, at Facèré

Hooks, Kathleen, at Gunnar Nordstrom

Hoop, Fiona, at Art House Designs

Horn, Spencer, at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery

Hoshi, Joichi, at Azuma Gallery

Howell, Lance & Karen, at Artwood

Hsin-Yao Tseng, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Hu, Mary Lee, at Facèré

Hume, Jim, at Artwood

Hunt, Tom, at The Legacy Ltd., at Arctic Raven Gallery

Hurlbert, Jacquline, at William's Gallery

Hutchinson, Kathy, at Ornamental Arts Gallery


Ichter, Bob, at Gunnar Nordstrom

Ikegami, Isao, at Azuma Gallery

Ingraham, Eve, at Gallery North

Inoue, Kozo, at Azuma Gallery

Is*Art Jewelry, at Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts

Ithil, at William's Gallery


Jacobs, Peggy, at Gallery North

James, Caroline, at WaterWorks Gallery

Janda, Carol, at Blue Whole Gallery

Jason Napier Bronze, at Elements

Jensen, Scott, at Stonington Gallery

Johnson, Bruce, at Frederick Holmes and Company

Johnson, Kathleen A., at Gallery North

Johnson, Mary Bess, at Gallery North

Jordan, Pete, at Brackenwood Gallery

Joswiack, Bev, at Earthenworks Gallery


Kaneko, Kunio, at Azuma Gallery

Kapoor, Deborah, at Art XChange

Karhu, Clifton, at Azuma Gallery

Kasai, Masahiro, at Azuma Gallery

Kaser, Lisa, at Simon Mace Gallery

Katsuda, Yukio, at Azuma Gallery

Kehl, Richard, at Frederick Holmes and Company

Kelly, Daniel, at Azuma Gallery

Kelly, Jay, at Frederick Holmes and Company

Kelly, Lee, at Art House Designs

Kenney, Leo, at Cassera Arts Premiers

Killorin, Beki, at Art House Designs

Kinoshita, Taika, at Azuma Gallery

Kirsten-Daiensai, Richard, at Kirsten Gallery

Knight, Briana, at Knight Visions

Knight, Lori, at Knight Visions

Kogan, Simon, at Art House Designs

Kohen, Jeff, at Art House Designs

Kohn, Andre, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Kollen, Phil, at Gallery North

Koury, Aleah, at Art House Designs

Krowl, Darlene, at Ann Hardee Gallery

Krowl, Tom, at Ann Hardee Gallery

Kuhn, Jon, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Kuroda, Shigeki, at Azuma Gallery

Kurosaki, Akira, at Azuma Gallery


Labrie, Paul, at Glasshouse Studio

Laguiole Knives, at Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts

LaLonde, Richard, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

LaMonte, Karen, at Bellevue Arts Museum

Lang, Robert J., at Bellevue Arts Museum

Larsen, Dan, at Gunnar Nordstrom

Larson, Robin, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Latremouille, Lori-ann, at Gunnar Nordstrom

Lautrec, Toulouse, at Frederick Holmes and Company

Lavallee, Barbara, at Knight Visions

Lawrence, Nancy, at Blue Whole Gallery

Leaf Leather, at The Art Stop and LeRoy Jewelers

Leake, Gary, at Brackenwood Gallery

Leitzke, Lena, at Parklane Gallery

Liang Wei, at Gunnar Nordstrom

Libert, Lorna, at Simon Mace Gallery

Linder, Lyn, at Ann Hardee Gallery

Lipson, Courtney, at Stonington Gallery

Little River Hot Glass, at The Art Stop and LeRoy Jewelers

London, Lyle, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Lovelace, Kent, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Luminita Jewelry, at Elements


Macdonald, Terry Lee, at Ann Hardee Gallery

Madison, James, at Steinbrueck Native Gallery

Magruder, Anna, at Simon Mace Gallery

Maki, Haku, at Azuma Gallery

Malay, Christa, at Art House Designs

Maretska, Marie, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Marioni, Dante, at Museum of Glass

Marsland, Sharon, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Martz, Holly Ballard, at Gunnar Nordstrom

Mathews, Grady, at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery

Mathie, Christopher, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Matsui, Marc, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Mayes, Danny, at Kirsten Gallery

Mayo, Steve, at Kirsten Gallery

McClure, Cheryl, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

McDaniel, Larey, at Parklane Gallery

McDermott, D.E., at Howard/Mandville Gallery

McKellar, Dr. Jerry, at Blackfish Gallery

McMillan, Stephen, at Fine Impressions Gallery, at WaterWorks Gallery

Meckling, Carol, at Gallery North

Melrath, Susan, at Simon Mace Gallery

Melville, Marion, at Blackfish Gallery

Mikutowski, Mike, at William's Gallery

Miller, Cynthia, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Miller, Joe, at WM McCauley Gallery

Miller, Rodman-Gilder, at Glasshouse Studio

Miltenberger, Janis, at Glasshouse Studio, at WaterWorks Gallery

Miner, Karen, at William's Gallery

Minson, James, at WaterWorks Gallery

Miyamoto, Shufu, at Azuma Gallery

Moilanen, John, at Fine Impressions Gallery

Montgomery, Hugh, at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery

Moore, Merrilee, at Brackenwood Gallery

Morelli, Eugene, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Mori, Yoshitoshi, at Azuma Gallery

Morimura, Rey, at Azuma Gallery

Morrison, Christopher, at Glasshouse Studio

Morrow, Bruce, at Brackenwood Gallery

Moss, P. Buckley, at Knight Visions

Mowen, John, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Muccillo, Renato, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Myers, Mark R., at Kirsten Gallery


Nakazawa, Shinichi, at Azuma Gallery

Napier, Jason, at Blackfish Gallery

Neil, Doug, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Ness, Arlene, at Steinbrueck Native Gallery

Newman Ceramic Works, at The Art Stop and LeRoy Jewelers

Newman, Jeremy and Ciancibelli, Allison, at WaterWorks Gallery

Newport, Mark, at Bellevue Arts Museum

Nichols, Andy, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Nichols, Dave, at La Conner Seaside Gallery

Nicoll, Ross, at Parklane Gallery

Nielsen, Karl, at Artwood

Nielsen, Oluf, at Earthenworks Gallery

Nishikawa, Yoichiro, at Azuma Gallery

Nixon, Darleen, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Nourot, at Elements

Nowicki, Christopher, at Fine Impressions Gallery


O'Donoghue, Alison, at Simon Mace Gallery

Ohtsu, Kazuyuki, at Azuma Gallery

Olanna, Richard, at Arctic Raven Gallery

Oliver, Marvin, at Stonington Gallery

Olsen, Earl, at Brackenwood Gallery

Oltman, Carolyn, at Earthenworks Gallery

O'Neill, Ginny, at Kirsten Gallery

Osborne, Leo E., at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Oye, Emiko, at Facèré

Ozaki, Reid, at The Art Stop and LeRoy Jewelers


Packard, Gregory, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Palmer, Danielle, at WaterWorks Gallery

Palmer, Matthew Gray, at WaterWorks Gallery

Parks, Paula, at Gallery North

Pasco, Duane, at Stonington Gallery

Patereau, James, at Brackenwood Gallery

Paul, Tim, at Steinbrueck Native Gallery

Pelley, Ray, at Gunnar Nordstrom

Penman, Jane, at Earthenworks Gallery

Perkins, Oksana, at Art XChange

Perrett, Jerry, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Peter James Jewelry, at Elements

Peterson, Marcia, at Bainbridge Island Studio Tour

Peterson, Shaun, at Stonington Gallery

Pettelle, Kevin, at Gunnar Nordstrom, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Petty, Anne, at Prographica Gallery

Phillips, Jennifer, at Brackenwood Gallery

Phillips, John D., at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Point, Susan, at The Legacy Ltd., at Steinbrueck Native Gallery, at Stonington Gallery, at Arctic Raven Gallery

Pope, Warren, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Pownell, Todd, at Facèré

Price, Gary, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Prince, Susanna, at Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts

Prinz, Peggy, at Ann Hardee Gallery


Quinn-Lewis, Jhenna, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Randi Solin Glass, at Elements

Rees, Adam, at Blackfish Gallery

Reinmuth, Steve, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Renlie, Frank, at Simon Mace Gallery

Renoir, Pierre August, at Frederick Holmes and Company

Rentenaar, Jan, at William's Gallery

Renzo, at Frederick Holmes and Company

Richardson, Amanda, at WaterWorks Gallery

Richardson, April, at Fine Impressions Gallery

Richardson, Cynthia, at Ann Hardee Gallery

Ridgway, David, at WaterWorks Gallery, at Simon Mace Gallery

Rigg, Bob, at Seattle Glassblowing Studio

Ringe, Annette, at Glasshouse Studio

Roberts, Dana, at WaterWorks Gallery

Roberts, Sue, at Simon Mace Gallery

Rolland, Seth, at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery

Rome, Joshua, at Azuma Gallery

Rommel, Christy, at Gallery North

Rorick, Isabel, at Stonington Gallery

Rose, Bergen, at Brackenwood Gallery

Rosen, Alan, at Artwood

Rosetta, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Ross, Thom, at Gunnar Nordstrom

Rothman, Mary Beth, at Frederick Holmes and Company

Royo, at Frederick Holmes and Company

Rude, Thomas, at Simon Mace Gallery

Ruscha, Dolors, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Rust, Stan, at Gallery North


Sabin, Hib, at Stonington Gallery

Saia, Teresa, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Saito, Kaoru, at Azuma Gallery

Saito, Kiyoshi, at Azuma Gallery

Sakohata, Kazuo, at Azuma Gallery

Salazar, Loren, at Gunnar Nordstrom

Salisbury, Cyndy, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Samuels, Lionel, at Arctic Raven Gallery

Sandblom, Victor, at Simon Mace Gallery

Sandbulte, Leslie, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Satterwhite, Dinah, at Bainbridge Island Studio Tour

Savar, Andrea, at Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts

Sawada, Tetsuro, at Azuma Gallery

Scherrer, Ted, at Artwood

Schkolnyk, Laurent, at Fine Impressions Gallery

Schneider, Naomi, at Gallery North

Schreivogl, Anne, at Howard/Mandville Gallery, at La Conner Seaside Gallery, at Simon Mace Gallery

Schroder, Henner, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Schumm, Tim, at WaterWorks Gallery

Schwippert, Verena, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Scott, George, at Glasshouse Studio

Sekiguchi, June, at Art XChange

Selditz, David, at Artwood

Shankland, Sharon, at Ann Hardee Gallery

Shinoda, Toko, at Azuma Gallery, at Gunnar Nordstrom

Simmons, Mary, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Singletary, Preston, at Stonington Gallery

Skibska, Anna, at Museum of Glass

Skinner, Catherine Eaton, at WaterWorks Gallery

Skyriver, Raven, at Stonington Gallery

Small, Tom, at WaterWorks Gallery

Smith, Jan, at Facèré

Smith, Mark T., at Frederick Holmes and Company

Smith, Mike, at Gunnar Nordstrom

Soborowicz, Rich, at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery

Sodergren, Evert, at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery

Song, Eileen, at Bainbridge Island Studio Tour

Sorg, Eileen, at Ornamental Arts Gallery

Soul Glass, at Elements

Spangler, Robert, at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery

Spencer, Sharon, at Brackenwood Gallery

Stangeland, Tom, at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery

Starr, Kim, at Gunnar Nordstrom

Steensma, Jay, at Fine Impressions Gallery

Stefano, Cyrena, at Seattle Glassblowing Studio

Sternberg-Powidzki, Chris, at Glasshouse Studio

Stevens, Ken, at The Art Stop and LeRoy Jewelers

Stewart, Joel, at Azuma Gallery, at Art House Designs

Sticks, at Earthenworks Gallery

Stream, Thomas, at Stonington Gallery

Strom, Dick, at Bainbridge Island Studio Tour

Sugiura, Kazutoshi, at Azuma Gallery

Sutherland, Hal, at Knight Visions

Sutherland, Moy, at Steinbrueck Native Gallery

Swapp, Sue, at Gallery North

Swink, Sara, at Simon Mace Gallery

Swytak, Laura, at Prographica Gallery


Tamekane, Yoshikatsu, at Azuma Gallery

Tanaka, Oh-en, at Azuma Gallery

Tanaka, Ryohei, at Azuma Gallery

Tandecki, Robert, at Kirsten Gallery

Tanimoto, Sachi, at Gallery North

Tate, Aaron, at Seattle Glassblowing Studio

Taylor, Alison Elizabeth, at Bellevue Arts Museum

Telling-Kattenbraker, Lisa, at Knight Visions

Tenenbaum, Joan, at Stonington Gallery

Theiss, Chris, at Simon Mace Gallery

Thoe, John, at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery

Thompson, Cappy, at Museum of Glass

Tilley, Rob, at Parklane Gallery

Tintin Collectibles, at Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts

Tipton, Randall, at WaterWorks Gallery

Tobey, Mark , at Cassera Arts Premiers

Tolle, Pat, at Gunnar Nordstrom

Toops, Cynthia, at Facèré

Torrens, Tom, at Earthenworks Gallery

Torres, Carlos, at Frederick Holmes and Company

Toyama, Ryoko, at Blue Whole Gallery

Trigg, Kathryn, at WaterWorks Gallery

Tsubouchi, Yoshiko, at Azuma Gallery

Tu Duy, at Art XChange

Tuthill, Rick, at Gallery North


Ujic, Susan, at Art House Designs

Ullman, Susan, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection


Van Duine, Elizabeth, at Bainbridge Island Studio Tour

Van Dyke, Barbara, at Earthenworks Gallery

Venter, Kathy, at Bellevue Arts Museum

Vinosus, at The Art Stop and LeRoy Jewelers

Vogel, Nancy, at Ann Hardee Gallery


Wagner, Christopher, at Simon Mace Gallery

Wagner, Marguerite, at Bainbridge Island Studio Tour

Wako, Shuji, at Azuma Gallery

Walker, Jason, at Bellevue Arts Museum

Walters, Joni, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Warner, Louise, at Simon Mace Gallery

Watanabe, Sadao, at Azuma Gallery

Watson, Richard Jesse, at Simon Mace Gallery

Wauzynski, Sarah, at Facèré

Webb, Dan, at Bellevue Arts Museum

Weekley, Jeff, at Simon Mace Gallery

Weisener, Fred, at William's Gallery

Wells-Moran, Jolyn, at Gallery North

Werner, Susanne, at Parklane Gallery

Wertheimer, Esther, at Gunnar Nordstrom

Wheaton, Kim Matthews, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Wiger, Ray, at Gallery Mack's Art Connection

Williams, Brian, at Azuma Gallery

Williams, Ellen, at Parklane Gallery

Witherow, Dale, at Art House Designs

Wortis, Joan, at Art XChange

Wurtz, Stewart, at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery


Yamamoto, Yoshiko, at Bainbridge Island Studio Tour

Yeomans, Don, at The Legacy Ltd.

Yingzhao Liu, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Yoshida, Toshi, at Azuma Gallery

Young, Karen, at Ann Hardee Gallery

Young, Karyn, at Azuma Gallery

Youngquist, Romona, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

Zindel, Laura, at William's Gallery

Zygmunt, Joan, at Howard/Mandville Gallery

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